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Students will train under the highly successful and world wide recognised British Association of Teachers of Dance (BATD) syllabus. This syllabus focuses on equipping students with the foundation and development they require to master the art form of classical ballet, a foundation for all aspects of dance. 

Dancers will be taught rhythm, style and expression through tap. students will be taught a syllabus of Broadway and rhythm tap focusing on teaching rhythm and musicality.

The style of jazz emphasizes rhythmic complexity and a dynamic performance. Adapting technique to create complex and expressive movements through syncopation, body isolations and strength.


Hip- Hop is heavily influenced by a range of street dance styles that have evolved from hip hop music and culture. Students will cover many styles such as funk, breakdancing, locking and

popping. Dances and uniforms will be age appropriate evolving through age groups.

Lyrical is an expressive, dynamic and highly technical style of dance. Incorporating ballet and jazz technique, dancers will be inspired to express their emotions and tell a story through dance movements and musicality.


Highland is a complex form of dance requiring both athletic and artistic skill all whilst wearing the classic Scottish Kilt. All dancers learn the same traditional dances to compete and perform

Jumps & Turns
Strength & Conditioning

With a focus on elevation and variations of pirouettes (turns), dancers will be trained on how to safely execute complex techniques elevating their overall dancer performance

Acro is a beautiful combination of classical dance technique, athleticism of acrobatic

elements and precision. Students have the opportunity to develop acrobatic skills building strength, stamina and confidence.

Strength and conditioning is vital for improving technique and performance. Focusing on stimulating the upper

body, lower body and core while developing coordination, stability, flexibility and balance. Students may also take this class to improve fitness regardless of taking other dance studies.

Musical Theatre / Voice Jam /  Acting

Combining dance, acting and singing, students will Learn vocal techniques,

breath control and harmonies in a fun and nurturing environment. Children will learn a large repertoire of songs that will be performed for parents and the public during recitals. Students will be taught how to read sheet music and find repertoire best suited to their vocal quality. Musical theatre classes will offer students the opportunity to learn various musical shows throughout the year with the opportunity to perform appropriate shortened versions of the shows. Students will have the opportunity to audition for Principle roles, Understudy roles and gain insight into the performing arts industry

workshops and seminars will be led by Industry Professionals throughout the school year!
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